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Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

MEET - Lorrie's Angels

Sad News. Lorrie's Angels, the Angel gallery, closed down on 12th October 2015.


A spiritual meeting-place at Alet-les-Bains
 Nearly everyone who comes to visit Rennes-le-Château or Rennes-les-Bains also come to visit the Angel Gallery, that friends call Lorrie's Angels. 

  I first visited "The Sanctuary" at the tail end of summer 2012, with a French friend who is a great fan of David Bailey.    David chatted with us for a long time about the work done at Lorrie's Angels.  They have a garden in front of the building where one can enjoy a soft drink, coffee, or herbal teas.
  I was impressed by the Gallery itself, it is truly a healing place;  if you are sad and need to feel the presence of angels just sit inside and "take in" the paintings, you'll feel better.  The Gallery is completely free and the door always open, for Lorrie and her husband Eugene never turn anyone away.  I had a long chat with Eugene, in the delightful shop with its array of healing crystals, books and exquisite jewelry (I treated myself to a jade pendant for only 4€ . . . )  He and Lorrie are from southern Ireland, I love that accent.  I left some of my books with them which were sold within a month . . .
  So when I heard my Irish friend Roibeard McElroy was coming to stay I suggested that we should do a book-signing together there.  Anneke Koremans of Barinca Travel was there too with her book "White Lie."
  Our group was myself, Roibeard, his friend Sheila who drove us and my friend Myles, who makes films.  We unloaded the books and went into Alet-les-Bains town to find something for lunch before signing began.
my favourite picture of myself  "I've got the wine!"
We took cheese sandwiches and wine to the picnic spot by the river opposite Lorrie's Angels.  The weather was mild and the autumn colours quite splendid. 

  Then the others went to St. Salvayre and were so impressed by it Roibeard later wrote an article for a spiritual magazine which was very well received.  Click here to see it. Then we got on with some work and Myles made a film of Roibeard, who is an Irish Bard, doing his stuff.  His audience was enraptured.  (Click here to see it.)

  At Lorrie's Angels is a gallery of beautiful angel paintings, plus a shop, plus a garden.  To find it, coming from Carcassonne to the north, turn left into the town of Alet, then over the river, then turn left again and park in front of the old Thermes (or baths.)
Cross the municipal garden with its statues, and then go up the steps to another world. . . .
   People enter and just sit, looking at the paintings.  They start to feel better, it has a healing atmosphere that you can soak up.  I myself experienced this, it was just so - lovely.  (And my back-ache disappeared.)  People write in the visitor's book, saying things like "I felt so at peace with myself."

  Within the gallery is a natural fountain, the water in it is the healing water of Alet-les-Bains, and you can drink it if you wish.  It comes from one of the largest underground springs in Europe.   The Angel Gallery at Alet-les-Bains used to be the beloved Thermal Baths in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and the source of the healing water runs naturally in the Angel Gallery.

 It comes from the second largest underground lake in the whole of France, the first being at Evian.

The Gallery is the idea of Lorrie and her husband Eugene, from southern Ireland.  The paintings are not for sale; you can buy replicas of them, plus greeting cards, letter-cards and picture postcards, in the shop next door.  Each of the angels has a name and a special role to play in your life.  Also for sale are healing crystals, oils, scented candles, ornaments and books.

 "Lorrie's Angels" is open every day from 10 am, closing at 7pm in summer (April to October) and 5-30pm in winter (November to March.)  Their phone number is 04 68 69 20 67 and their web-site is;

  They often hold events there; in the autumn of 2012 they did a book signing, with myself and Anneke Koremans signing our books. 

IMG_0019.JPG  IMG_0020.JPG

    Their summers are always busy; you never know who you might meet because many spiritual tours visit, as part of their itinerary. 

Eugene Lorrie Me.JPG  SayingGoodbye.JPG
  Every December they hold evenings of music and meditation for Christmas, or the turning of the year, or just to light a candle for the lengthening of the days and the coming back of the Sun.  Whatever feels right for you.

IMG_0013.JPG  LoveSong.JPG
   Lorrie's Angels are playing an increasing part in the spiritual life of the region and are well-accepted and loved by the French people of Alet-les-Bains.

June 2014  One day I while researching Alet for my book about the town I called in to see Lorrie, who told me about her forthcoming exhibition in New York in July and I said; "Why have we never seen these statues?  I've no idea how it's done."   So Lorrie invited me to see her workshop.

AtWork3.JPG  SecondHead.JPG

   The statues are moulded first by hand and then left to dry, until a mould that can then  be made into which metal can be poured - casting is a very skilful art.  She has an assistant who helps with this.  
  I was fascinated by this glimpse behind the scenes.  The heads represent the inwardness of the spiritual life, and are so calm and peaceful.  She calls them the Seven Sounds.

First.JPG  Hands3.JPG
  "For it is the sound of stillness within Nature that captures the very essence of my soul."

You can see the professional catalogue by clicking here.  And you can also see work in progress in the Gallery's garden.

  And after the exhibition in New York some porcelain versions will be cast and will be for sale at the Angel Gallery.


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