Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains

EVENT - Blue Apples day

 Every 17th January this special day is celebrated in Rennes-le-Château.

It was a beautiful day, taking photographs out of the bus window as the mist cleared. The sun shone brightly all along the Aude Valley down to Couiza.

Alet1.JPG  Mist3.JPG
The mist lays in the valley below Rennes-le-Château, characteristic weather conditions in winter in the High Valley of the Aude.

  ValleyMist.JPG  TrebhaRleC.JPG
This is Trebha, with his famous "Are you coming or not?" pose!  There were so many cars we had to walk up through the village.  The world and his wife were there, anybody who was anybody in "Rennie" circles.

  Nobody knows quite how it started, probably with Pierre Plantard, but on this magic date it is always sunny and the sun shining through the church windows projects coloured circles of light on the opposite wall.  Everybody loves to photograph them and you cannot use flash because of course, it bleaches them out.  The coloured circles of light peak at 12-15 and "Nature's Light Show" in total lasts from 11-30 to 2pm.   

NoFlash.JPG  KrisBlueApples.jpg 

Everyone played at "catching" Blue Apples.  You can't catch them with flashlight!

CatchingBlueApple1.JPG  CatchingBlueApple2.JPG
   Many of the Rennes celebs were there. Here's Henry Lincoln and Veronique Campion, amazed at Trebha's theories that Pythagorus wrote the Bible!!!!!  On this day, everyone likes to expound their favourite theories.

BlueApples VplusHenry.jpg See the film here.

  17th January is renowned in Rennes-le-Château history, because it is the saints day of St. Anthony the Hermit, who is in Bérenger's church, it was the date of the priest's fatal heart attack, it is the saint's day of St Sulpice, whose cathedral in Paris has a Roseline running through it (apparently) which continues all the way to Rennes-les-Bains; AND it is the saint's day of the Provençal saint, Sainte Roseline!  These were all connections first noticed by Pierre Plantard.

AtAHermitr-l-c.jpg  Saint_Sulpice_10.jpg
Saint Anthony the Great, or the hermit, and the Roseline in St. Sulpice, Paris, except that really it was to calculate the summer solstice.

  The atmosphere was buzzing, really, people of all nationalities laughing and taking and hugging, it was great.  My friend Richard Stanley, also in a black hat, asked me to sign his copy of my book "The Mayor That Was me." Then we enjoyed a meal with the French people at a special meal in the Salle des Fête at Rennes-les-Bains.

BookForRichard.JPG NiceOne.JPG  Toast.JPG 
  Every ticket was sold and even more people crammed in!  This was because, over the three days, the two Rennes were open and many conferences were held.  It really is the Rennes highlight for the winter.

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